г.   WC 1 in OESTERSUND and not in IDRE WC 1 organised in OESTERSUND and not in IDRE An inspection of the current situation and perspectives for Oestersund and Idre by IBU Race Director Franz Berger at both places and of IBU TV Advisor Janez Vodicar at Oestersund have shown that it is easier to have the necessary snow produced in Ostersund than in Idre. Also conditions for teams and TV are much more convenient in Oestersund than in Idre. Thus, the Swedish Federation and the OC have offered and IBU has accepted finally to stick to Oestersund as the place for the organisation of the first World Cup. The program: 24 November 2005:Arrival and 17:00 Team Captains Meeting 25 November 2005: Official Training / 17:00 TCP with draw 26 November 2005: Sprint 10:45 Men / 13:15 Women 27 November 2005: Pursuit 10:30 Men / 14:00 Women 28 November 2005: Official Training 09:20-11:45 11:35-14:00 Women 29 November 2005: Relay 10:15 Men / 12:30 Women From...

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